About us

About us

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Legal Power  Firm was founded by the Senior Managing Partner, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob. The firm offers to its clients a level of expertise and standards of professional services of exceptional quality. Our style of practice is a model, which encourages a vigorous team spirit and accentuates the advantages of proficiency, rapidity, reliability, security, discreteness and honesty towards our clientele. Our Firm is foremost practitioner in complex specialties like Mining, Gas & Oil exploration, Banking, Insurance, etc. requiring some connection in Government. The unique internal structures of the Firm ensure that the relationship between its individual lawyers is co-operative and excellent, all to the advantage of our clients
The Firm is supported by a network of consultants and Law Firms at home and abroad to further enhance the effectiveness and high quality services. The unparalleled strength of the Firm’s practice areas are in the domains of International Consultancy, Business Law, Investment Opportunities & Advice, Intellectual Property Law, Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration and Exploitation, Banking & Finance, Taxation and Tax Avoidance, Insurance Law, Admiralty, Shipping, Marine Insurance and Aviation Pro Services and many more. Check out our practice areas

  • Dynamic lawyers.
  • Diverse.
  • Professional lawyers.
  • Years of Experience.


Our lawyers are well trained and experts when it comes to delivering results


Dynamic lawyers with skills always ready to handle your legal issues


We have spent over 32 years in practice . We know best how to handle your case

Ever ready team

Ever ready team to handle your case with all professionalism
Fun fact

We feel very proud for our
great achievement

With over a  thousand works completed, We are proud of how far we have gone and what we have achieved.

Our scope keeps expanding as our lawyers never stop improving. We only get better by the days

Completed works

Satisfied clients

Winning awards

Team members

Team members

let us introduce to you our
expert team members

The most important supporting factor for the provision of our services are members of our team. Thanks to their talent,Professinalism, Experience,skills and enthusiasm we can do our job perfectly.

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