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Senior Managing Partner

Senior Barrister Angoh  Angoh Jacobs

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We never stop upgrading our team..We always current..

Legal Power Firm is one of the Best Law firms in Cameroon .

Fondé par le Senior Managing Partner Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob, Cabinet de pouvoir juridique  l'un des principaux cabinets d'avocats du Cameroun, offre à ses clients un niveau d'expertise et des normes de services professionnels d'une qualité exceptionnelle.

Le cabinet est soutenu par un réseau de consultants et de cabinets d'avocats dans le pays et à l'étranger afin d'améliorer encore l'efficacité et la qualité des services.

La force inégalée de l'entreprise domaines de pratique sont dans les domaines de la consultance internationale, du droit des affaires, des opportunités d'investissement et du conseil, des services professionnels, du Cameroun Investment Chatter.

Intellectual Property Law, Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration and Exploitation, Banking & Finance, Taxation and Tax Avoidance, Insurance Law, Admiralty, Shipping, Marine Insurance and Aviation. .Visit our home page

nos clients

  • BICEC Bank worldwide
  • World Bank doing Business & Investing Across Borders
  • Pro-Link Global
  • Lead Counsel for the State of Cameroon on the on-going and Boeing and Prat and Whitney
  • Forefront Counsel to Reddys Global Industries, a Multi-national Indian Company in Cameroon. –
  • Sole Counsel for Shiloh Minerals for the acquisition of Mineral Licenses in Cameroon.
  •  Retained Counsel for Spot Cameroon Limited.
  •  Retained Counsel for ELTAX AFRICA LTD, a Chinese Company specialised in Forestry Exploitation in Cameroon.
  • Counsel for Interworld Product, an Indian Company specialised in the commercialisation of electronic and electrical appliances.
  •  Sole Counsel for Cameroon Frais Sarl, an Indian Company Specialized in Diary Products
  •  Consultant for World Bank doing Business and World Bank investing across borders in Cameroon

The information provided on this website is meant strictly for information purposes and not intended to be used as legal advice. Contact us for full legal briefing.

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Senior Barrister Angoh Jacobs
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