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Legal Power Law Firm was founded by the Senior Managing Partner, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob. The firm offers to its clients a level of expertise and standards of professional services of exceptional quality. Our style of practice is a model, which encourages a vigorous team spirit and accentuates the advantages of proficiency, rapidity, reliability, security, discreteness and honesty towards our clientele. Our Firm is foremost practitioner in complex specialties like Mining, Gas & Oil exploration, Banking, Insurance, etc. requiring some connection in Government. The unique internal structures of the Firm ensure that the relationship between its individual lawyers is co-operative and excellent, all to the advantage of our clients

The Firm is supported by a network of consultants and Law Firms at home and abroad to further enhance the effectiveness and high quality services. The unparalleled strength of the Firm’s practice areas are in the domains of International Consultancy, Business Law, Investment Opportunities & Advice, Intellectual Property Law, Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration and Exploitation, Banking & Finance, Taxation and Tax Avoidance, Insurance Law, Admiralty, Shipping, Marine Insurance and Aviation.



Paltoo Shrivastav M A. LL.B., PGD.PM, MIMA Consulting Associates 4/4, Shri Sidhiganesh, Sector 2, Airoli, Navi Mumbai – 400708 (India) Phone – 27691966, 9819177455, Email: 07th July, 2009

M/s Legal Power Law Firm, Douala, Cameroon (West Africa)

Dear Sirs, We write to appreciate the satisfactory corporate legal services of “ M/s Legal Power Law Firm” in handling the legal needs of Cameroon Frais SARL Company, in Cameroon, West Africa. The services rendered were cost effective and expeditious and as such we look forward to your continuous support and long future collaboration. Thanking you, Sincerely yours,

PP Shrivastav Advocate and Managing Partner Consulting Associates, Mumbai – 400708 (India)



08/10/2009 Kulling Abi Kent State university 901 Simon Lane #103 Kent OH,

44240 United States of America Tell.017748268548,017748268967 M/s

Legal Power Law Firm Douala, Cameroon

Dear Sirs, I on behalf of my family send you this note to appreciate the satisfactory services your Team of legal experts, accorded us during our stay in Cameroon. Your services were professional, expeditious and cost effective.We are so grateful and look forward to your ccontinuous legal guardiance and hope you will continue with us, your professional services when need arises.

Accept our regards. Kulling Abi. Kent OH United States of America.

“Legal power law firm is one of those you would not regret to be associated with. They are specialist attorneys in Intellectual Property and are legal consultants of repute. The firm has a dedicated staff who are willing to attend to clients at any time of the day. Their expedicious and timely service is one of the strong points I wish to draw others to experience.”

NJAH Martins Mbah

Legal Counsel – trade marks & Corpyrights

ACORSER LL.P Academia Complex Apartment D1 Stellenbosch

7600 South Africa

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